Welcome. We are delighted that you’re taking the time to explore our Blog and FAQ pages for the Google Apps for Education migration project at Emory & Henry College. Please look around and you’ll find all kinds of information, conversation, tips, tricks, and How-To’s about Google Apps, especially Gmail. –the IT Services Staff

Google Apps for Education at E&H: The Blog

This blog is intended to be a blog for the duration of the Google Apps for Education migration. The purpose is to help the community through the learning stages of the conversion. So here we go…

Background:  [Lorraine] I got used to the Gmail interface several years back when it first launched. Then it was pretty basic in its features and design, but it quickly blossomed and Google has been adding features and functionality ever since. The main difference between early Gmail and other email reader applications was that Gmail introduced the innovative “Conversations” feature that allowed the user to read their emails in threads with the original message on top and replies in order underneath it. It is still present in Gmail–some people like it and others don’t. I like it in my personal Gmail account, but prefer the chronological listing of my messages in my E&H work email.

There are some rather large (and terrific) features that the Google Apps for Education suite offers to its users that are not found in the personal Gmail accounts that end users can get for themselves. We urge you to explore all the features of Google Apps for Education once you get your email migrated over.

Google Apps for Education at E&H: Frequently Asked Questions

When a significant change occurs in an application, over a fairly short period of time, we find out which functions need explanations and directions as people contact us and ask the same questions. That what FAQ’s are all about. So here is our FAQ for Google Apps.

Check back regularly as it will continue to grow as more questions arise.


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